I guess it’s not that surprising.

I don’t think it’s an especially important story.

I mean, we know a lot about what’s happening on the field and we know what the players are saying, but there’s nothing new about that.

If you go back to the last time we went to the ALCS, when the Pittsburgh Pirates won the pennant, the best-known baseball team in the world, I don.t think the best baseball team was in Pittsburgh.

I think they were in Detroit.

But when you look at what happened, I think it was more like the Cubs, who were really good in the middle of the year and had an unbelievable run of success.

But, of course, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t really the other way around.

So, the Pittsburgh team was the best team in baseball when they went into the All-Star Game, and then they fell flat.

The Pittsburgh Pirates had a great year.

I would have said the Cubs were the best.

They just didn’t do that in the postseason.

The Cubs were able to get there.

They got the World Series, they were able, they got to the World Championship Series.

I thought the Cubs had an incredible run of good luck.

And I think that, in the end, the Cubs went to a World Series and then didn’t have that success again, so I think the Cubs should have won that World Series.

The Milwaukee Brewers were really bad, but they had a really good year, and they had this All-American named Nolan Ryan, who was the MVP of the AL Central.

But in the NL, they had the Cubs in the World Champion’s Series, and that’s a very, very different story.

The Cardinals went through a very tough year, the Braves went through very tough years, the Giants went through tough years.

All those teams had a rough year.

But the Cardinals were really, really good.

I’m not sure the Cardinals should have gone to the All Star Game and not won that pennant.

I just think it shouldn’t have happened.

So I think what I’m saying is, it’s very easy to look at the Cincinnati Reds and say, ‘Oh, I remember the Reds.’

I remember them being the best farm system in baseball.

But they were also one of the worst teams in baseball, and I think if they had won that division in the last three years, I just don’t know.

But it’s hard to look back at a team that went to that All- Star Game, the World’s Series and went home with nothing.

That’s the only time in the history of baseball where you had a team like that, and it’s so easy to say, You know what?

I didn’t like that team.

So when you go through a difficult time like that and the team you have to build around doesn’t win, I guess you’re going to be pretty disappointed.

But you know what, if you had made the playoffs and had the best offense in the game, you’d probably be very happy.

I remember watching the Chicago White Sox win a World Championship in 1996.

That was a tough year for the White Sox.

It’s hard, and the White Spokesman was really good, but I thought that they should have gotten into the playoffs.

And they did.

But I think you’d be a little disappointed if you said to yourself, Oh, I didn,t like that.

But yeah, you know, I did.

And it’s a shame.

I do think that there is something about the Cardinals that we can look back on and say that, I’m glad they went through that tough year.

They were in the playoffs the year after that.

They won the division.

But their offense was the worst in baseball in the final four years of the regular season.

And the Cardinals just couldn’t find a way to win games.

So the Cardinals, in that sense, are like the New York Yankees in that regard.

It just was a very frustrating year.

And if you look back, it wasn?t like we were going to the playoffs or something.

The first two months were tough, and, at the end of it, it was a good year.

So that, of all the teams, should have been a lot of fun to watch.