A long-running controversy over whether the Manchurian Candidate was actually filmed has finally been resolved.

The Manchures own YouTube channel has been restored, despite the fact that it was inaccessible for weeks.

A statement on the ManChurianCandidate’s official website said that a new video “has been uploaded which contains a number of errors”.

The video had been pulled after complaints from fans who believed it was not authentic.

A number of celebrities and musicians have publicly criticised the decision to remove the video.

It is the second time in recent months that the film has been removed by YouTube, following the removal of the Academy Award-winning documentary on the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. The film is currently being promoted by the Manchin administration as an example of how to protect free speech online.

“YouTube is a place where all kinds of ideas can be shared and debated,” said the statement on ManChurn.com.

“We’re pleased to be able to offer an alternative to those who have sought to silence free speech and undermine the very principles on which this nation was founded.”

A Manchin spokesperson said the new video had “failed to meet our expectations of fair play” and that the new YouTube channel would continue to be available for fans to view.

“As a result of this decision, we’ve removed the Man Churn Channel from our website,” the spokesperson said.

“The new channel will remain available on YouTube for our fans to watch.”

The announcement of the Manchu-produced video was made by the director of the Oscars, Joel Coen, on Twitter on Friday morning.

“Good morning, fellow filmmakers and fans.

We’ve got some news to share.

We’re proud to announce that we’ve restored the Manchukans version of ‘The Manchurns Movie’ to its rightful place on YouTube,” he wrote.

“In case you missed it, we restored the entire movie and made it available again to everyone.

Thank you for your support.”

The Manchu video is an alternate ending to the film which the Managers claim is more in keeping with the original, as it was filmed in 2015.

But some fans have argued that the scene in which the film’s director describes how he was “pushed by the police” to make a film which he did not want to make was too much, and that it should have been removed from the internet.

“It’s like when you go on a date with someone and they have a date.

You’re in the middle of a conversation and you say ‘I don’t want to go tonight.

I want to stay in my room tonight’,” said the Manchi director, Sam Leighton.

“If it was me, I’d go back to my room.

It’s a very awkward thing to say, but if it was the Mancho, I wouldn’t want people to see it.”

The original version of the film is available for download on YouTube and other platforms.