CHRISTMAS ROCK ORCHESTRA: THE ORIGINAL VIDEO: A CHRISTMAS MUSIC VIDEO FROM AUSTRALIA The original Christmas Rock Orchestra music video was filmed in the late 1950s, but the song never made it to air.

It was eventually revived in the early 2000s in a short film that was made by a group of Australian musicians, but it was never released.

The Christmas Rock Opera premiered in Melbourne’s Central Station in December 1959 and the original video was recorded in the same studio as the ABC TV show It’s a Wonderful Life.

It featured the iconic Christmas song ‘Let it Snow’ by the Australian rock band The Who, which is also credited as being a major influence on the song.

“The Christmas Opera was filmed by the Melbourne Opera House and was a very important event for the city,” said Mr Kallinen.

He said the video was a hit with Australians, especially in Victoria.

It was also broadcast live in Australia on the ABC and was watched by over two million people.

Mr Kallimen said the band were “happy to hear that the video has become a worldwide hit”.

“It was the perfect Christmas music video, and we thought it would be a great way to celebrate our 80th birthday,” he said.

For the Australian producers, it was the first time they had filmed a film in Australia.

They also hoped to bring the original song to the US, but they were unsuccessful.

This year marks the 70th anniversary of the Melbourne Christmas Rock Concert.

Kallinen said he was pleased that he had been able to “put Christmas music to work” in a video that was “very personal”.

“It’s really special to see the music live, and I really enjoy doing it,” he told the ABC.

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