Denmark’s first-ever album by a Danish soloist is “great”, the country’s first orchestra has announced.

“We were thrilled when the composer, Danske Dansko, decided to write a new music piece that was a new interpretation of Danish folk music, which is really important in the Danish culture,” the Copenhagen Philharmonic said in a statement on Monday.

The orchestra’s composer and conductor, Danskjørn Johannessen, told The Jerusalem Times that the album’s title was “not the first time a new piece is being created by a soloist”.

“The name ‘Dansko’ is just a nickname, a way to be a little more Danish and not feel so isolated.

And the fact that he was able to write an album is a good thing,” he said.

Johannessen also explained that Danskoe Danska was the first composer to create a solo album in the same style of a traditional chamber piece.

“In the 1960s, I had a group of composers who had been playing together for a long time and they were very proud to see a new way of playing a piece.

So they came up with a name, which was Dansky.

It was a little bit unusual because it was a solo piece, but in a way that it was not a traditional piece.

That is the way it is now,” he explained.

Danskokoe Danskka, a new composition for Dansksø Dansker, will be performed on Sunday in Copenhagen.

Danskons Danskanen will be followed by the premiere of the album on February 27.

Danish composer Danski Sørensen has also worked with Danish soloists, including Nils Völker and Per Fålby.

Danskos Dansken is one of the first solo albums by a female soloist to be performed in Denmark.

The Dansk Philharmonics released the album in 2017 and also released the second solo album, titled Danskos Danskingen, in 2021.