The NBA has been making big money lately.

The NBA’s revenue is up almost 50% this year compared to last year, and the NBA’s overall revenue is $2.8 billion.

But the NBA also has to make money on TV rights.

It’s the second-biggest television rights deal in the world behind the NBAPA.

The league is the highest-paid television network in the United States and it pays out an average of $12.5 million per show.

And the NBA is still the most popular sport in the U.S. The sports leagues have long maintained that they’re making money by being on the air, so it’s a difficult balancing act.

The average cost per TV broadcast in the NFL, for example, is $6.3 million per year, according to ESPN.

The NFL is not only the most-watched team in the league, but it’s also the most profitable, averaging $11.2 million per season.

The median salary for NFL players is $11 million per annum.

And for players who make more than $100 million per NFL season, they earn an average annual salary of $2 million.

The leagues are competing against each other to make the most of the lucrative TV rights, and they’re all competing in different ways.

There are fewer and fewer NFL players who play in the international leagues, which allow teams to play in different places and to play on different teams.

In some cases, they play in other leagues.

And there’s less money for the NBA.

The Golden State Warriors are the most valuable NBA team in history, but the NBA has had trouble attracting top-level talent.

The Warriors made the Finals in each of the last four years.

But they have not won a championship since 2009, and it’s unclear if the Warriors will ever win a title.

NBA stars are playing on the biggest stage, but there are fewer players on the big stage.

The number of players on NBA rosters has declined by more than 80% over the last five years.

The majority of players are under 30.

The salaries of top players have also decreased in recent years.

They’re getting less and less money to play.

And with the NBA salary cap set to go up, players who were able to sign lucrative deals are leaving the league.

The top players are getting a bigger slice of the pie.

The players that were on the top salaries are also getting a larger slice of what the teams are making.

In other words, the top players and the owners are taking a smaller slice of revenues, which is why the league has less money left to invest in the players.

The best-paid players in the NBA are also the players who are the best-liked players in their respective markets.

And they have the biggest impact on how fans react to the game.

The most popular players in each market are the players that have the highest popularity, according the Nielsen Coaches Poll.

In New York, LeBron James is the most sought-after player, followed by Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook.

Durant and Westbrook have been the top-paid NBA players in New York for several years now, and LeBron James has the highest fan base of any player in the history of the NBA, according a study released by the NBA last year.

ESPN Stats & Info compiled the data.

The researchers also looked at players in three major sports leagues, basketball, football and hockey.

They found that the NBA players with the highest ratings in each sport are those who are also popular in their own leagues.

For example, LeBron’s ratings are highest in football, while Russell Westbrooks are highest on hockey.

The research showed that the most respected players are also fans of their own teams.

And LeBron James’ popularity is high in New Jersey, while the highest rated players are in Washington, D.C. The ESPN report also found that LeBron James was the most talked about player in each sports league.

In basketball, LeBron is the top rated player in all of basketball, while Kobe Bryant is the second most talked-about player in football.

But it is hard to find high-profile players in any sports league, including the NBA which is dominated by superstars.

The popularity of stars in sports is not the only factor affecting the success of a franchise.

The stars of each sport have their own personalities.

NBA star LeBron James says he’s proud to have made it to the Finals with the New York Knicks.

ESPN’s Dan Wolken contributed to this report.