Orchestrals in Latin American music are a dime a dozen these days.

But that doesn’t mean there’s not room for some truly great albums.

As a rule, it’s easier to find some of the best Latin-inspired music in the region than in the United States.

Below, we’ve compiled the top 10 albums that have had the biggest impact on Latin music.


La Cumbre by Pedro Almodóvar The film La Cumprio, starring Nicolas Cage, is widely considered to be one of the greatest musicals of all time.

Its sweeping orchestral score and atmospheric arrangements combine with the characters’ natural singing, to create an extraordinary experience.

The soundtrack is the result of years of experimentation and collaboration between Pedro Almoraes and a talented cast, including José Luis Barrientos, Ricardo Lopez, and Ricardo Aragones.


El Más Ligual by El Liguel The Los Angeles-based producer and arranger who went on to win two Grammys for his work on the films El Rey and El Mundo de la Lucha.

His La Ligua, the second in his El Mundial series, features the band La Liga and a song that has gone on to be nominated for a Golden Globe and Oscar.


La Sombra by José Manuel López This Spanish-language album of music from a band called La Sómbra has been played in Mexico for decades, often in concert halls.

But the band’s first major album, the acclaimed López el Más, has been available only in Spanish since 2016.

The album features original compositions by Carlos Castañeda, a member of La Somma de los Dios and La Sabor de los Más.


La Gente del Mundo by Ángel Lózada This Mexican classical-rock band was formed in 1991 by Óngel Luis Lóza, a veteran of the Mexican national orchestra.

Lózaras band is notable for playing classical music that’s often influenced by the folk and folk-inflected music of his native Mexico.

Lola, the band includes José Javier Salgado and Ricardo Gómez.


La Lucha de la Iglesia by Ricardo Arionos Ariones, an Argentinian musician and producer, has long been one of Latin America’s best-known producers, but his debut album, La Luchada, which has sold millions of copies, also has the work of Mexican-American musicians.

It includes a variety of tracks and a powerful orchestrical score by Arionas.


La Puerta del Mundial by Luis Arquero The most celebrated album of its kind, La Puxta del Mujer is the second album of Arqueros La Pupta, an Argentine-born Mexican composer and arrangers.

Arquera’s music has always been highly accessible and accessible is one of his biggest strengths.

This album features a range of Mexican musicians, including Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Carlos Castaneda, José Carlos Lómeza, and Javier Salado.


Lúcio by Pedro Albizu Campos (and many others) The Colombian-born, Puerto Rican-born musician and composer who’s won Grammy Awards for his contributions to the music of the 1970s.

Luycio is one-of-a-kind in the way he approaches composition and composition by accident, with unexpected moments and musical flourishes.

The music has a powerful, rhythmic texture, and Aragonés compositions sometimes use percussion.


La Márquez by Juan Carlos Rodriguez La Míra, Aragoneros La Más and La Múcrista, Aragós have always been celebrated for their distinctive styles of music.

Their works have been instrumental in a resurgence in the arts in recent years, and their work has also been featured on a number of American film and television series.


Más en el Comercial by José Luis Rodriguez (and others) This Spanish songbook series that Aragonez co-wrote and recorded in 1998 with a talented group of musicians includes some of his most recognizable works, including the timeless “Papa Lógalo,” “Taquitas de los Piedras,” and “El Cholo,” which are also among the most famous songs from the series.


La Salada by Pedro Villarreal Villarrela is a Colombian-American musician who’s been playing music for over a decade.

His work has received considerable acclaim for its distinctive sound and style, but also for its subtle lyrics and strong lyricism.

His new album La Salado, which features a number by Pedro Aragonás, is an absolute must for any music lover.