After 20 years of steady touring, the Philharmonia Orchestra of America (PANA) is poised to begin its first shows of the season.

The Philadelphia Orchestra is scheduled to begin rehearsals for its opening show at Carnegie Hall on Tuesday, April 9.

The Philharmonics have been at Carnegie since 1988 and are scheduled to start playing at Carnegie again in 2019.

The opening shows will be the first for the Philadelphia Orchestra since it returned to the National Theatre in 2021.

Philharmonia’s new show will mark the first time the orchestra will be performing at Carnegie.

In addition to the Philablog, the orchestra’s website has already posted the first ever performance of “L’École de la Ville” by the band of the Paris Philharmonie.

The song is set to open the show.

It’s the first performance of a live version of “The Music of John Cage,” a composition by Cage.

The orchestra will perform “Tower of Babylon,” which is based on the story of the biblical tale.

It will be followed by “The King in Yellow,” which features a collaboration between composer Peter Tchaikovsky and pianist Peter Lang.

“We’re excited to announce that the Philamethon Philharmonica will perform The King in Red,” Philharmoniepa’s president and general manager, Peter W. Steinberg, said in a statement.

“It will celebrate the work of our composer and will be a celebration of the new music and the life of our orchestra.”

The Philamothonic, founded in 1856, has performed at Carnegie, the U.S. National Opera, and the New York City Opera.

The first orchestra to play at Carnegie in its entirety, the PANA was founded in 1908 to play in concert at the Philadelphias first two concert halls, the Old State Theatre and the Theatre Royal.

The PANA has been performing in the New School, The Royal, and elsewhere for more than 30 years.

The last time the Philamas played Carnegie was in 2008.

The Philamathonic has performed in Carnegie Hall since 1988.

The orchestra will also be performing on Broadway and at the Metropolitan Opera’s The Music Box on April 19.

The latest update on the orchestra can be found at the organization’s website.

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