A new duo from Manchester Orchestra and Housley Symphony Orchestra will make their solo debut at the London Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Day concert, which will also see the pair perform together.

Housley Orchestra’s Phil Gurney and his partner, the music composer Daniel Dreyfuss, will be joined by the Manchester Orchestra’s Peter Cappello, who will be performing the soloist’s solo.

The concert will be held at London’s St Pancras and St Pancas Opera House.

In an interview with The Sunday Times, the two composers talked about the challenges of working together and their new pairing.

The two composists also spoke about the importance of music and their desire to be able to make the world a better place.

“I think what makes a good orchestra is the collaboration that takes place,” Gurnay told the newspaper.

“It’s an amazing, magical experience to be playing with so many wonderful people, so many great musicians, all of whom are just so talented and so gifted at what they do.”

It’s like a big family.

They all know each other.

They are so good at what you do, they all know what you need to do, and they all want to make you happy.

So, you get to play with people who are so talented.

It’s such a great time to be in the orchestra.

I have a new life now.

I am really happy, it’s a great feeling.

I love it, it makes me feel really good.

“Dreyfus, who is also a member of Manchester Orchestra, said of his partnership with the composer, “I can’t wait to play his music with him again.

We both love music, so we have a lot of fun.

“Housleys composer Phil Gorges also added that his relationship with Dreyfauss is “absolutely perfect”.”

It’s a pleasure to be working with someone like that.””

He’s really kind, really thoughtful, so I really enjoy working with him.

It’s a pleasure to be working with someone like that.”

The new duo will be announced on Sunday.