Posted January 05, 2019 06:15:54The first time I heard the Cleveland Orchestra perform in Cleveland was in 2004, on the opening night of the opening ceremony of the 2017 Olympics.

The Cleveland Orchestra, in fact, is one of the most diverse musical groups in the country, spanning from the folk to the classical to the pop-rock.

And its newest member is a Cleveland native.

On January 6, the Cleveland Philharmonic will play its first ever show at the Cleveland Municipal Auditorium, the same venue where the 2018 World Series was played in 2019.

It’s a rare chance for the Cleveland orchestra to be at home, in its own building, and in front of its own audience.

There’s a sense of belonging in Cleveland.

It’s like you’ve been there a thousand times before.

“We all know what it means to be part of this team,” said James Schramm, who plays the trumpet in the orchestra.

“This is a team of friends, all of us are part of it.

It is what it is.

This is our home.

This is where we are.”

And it’s here that the Cleveland symphony, founded in 1908, is most at home.

The Cleveland Orchestra has played in Cleveland for almost 50 years, but the last time the orchestra played at the Municipal Auditorio was in 2016, in the opening of the Olympics.

The orchestra’s current home is in New York, where the orchestra is headquartered, but Cleveland is home to the entire orchestra.

The Cleveland Philharms are based at the National World War II Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C., but the Cleveland concert hall has become the home for the orchestra in recent years.

During the 2017 World Series, the orchestra brought out some of its biggest stars in the East to perform at the venue.

It was a huge hit, drawing more than 10,000 people to the venue to see the Cleveland Cavaliers win the championship.

Now, it will play the first ever performance of the Cleveland Symphony at the Public Auditorium in Cleveland, where it will be joined by the East West Orchestra.

The orchestra’s newest member will be the first to join the Cleveland community in the Cleveland arena, Schramms said.

“It’s going to be an amazing moment for all of Cleveland.”

The orchestra will be performing on January 6 in a two-hour set, which will be followed by a concert of the orchestra’s own.

Tickets are available through the Cleveland Public Concerts website, and will be sold at the door.

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