The Cincinnati Orchestra will be open and running again next month, but the band will not be performing.

The orchestra, which has been operating for nearly 50 years, was shut down in December due to the wildfires that ravaged the region.

The orchestra had been in a temporary operating room, but it was shuttered on Dec. 2.

The Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra was also closed last year due to a similar fire that swept through the region, killing 11 people and destroying hundreds of homes.

The band’s first performance since December’s fires is slated for Feb. 6 at the Cincinnati Zoo.

It will mark the band’s 50th anniversary in the Cincinnati area, and it is the first time the band has been open since the 1980s.

“Our music is a part of our life, our communities, our country,” said Michael O’Connor, executive director of the Cincinnati Symphony.

“The work that we do is very important to us, and we are going to keep doing it.”

The orchestra was shuttering the year before when a devastating fire destroyed the historic Carnegie Hall in New York City, but that didn’t stop the music from being played in New Orleans and across the country.

The opera has been performing since the late 1800s, when it was a part-time concert at the Cleveland Opera House.

The Cincinnati Symphony now operates its orchestra at all levels of the orchestra’s production.