When is the next big symphony?

A new symphony, a new concert, a big orchestra: those are the words the Vienna Orchestra is planning to use as it prepares for its second world war symphony.But what does that mean?Read more:The Vienna Orchestra has had its own history of making bold promises.Last year it staged a big concert in the capital city […]

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A ‘tough’ performance in a new era

A new era of jazz is coming.It’s been a rough time for the music world since the advent of digital streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.But the digital revolution is only just beginning.It’s the music industry’s turn to embrace the new technology, which is helping usher in a fresh new era in the way […]

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Why Is This Orchestra So Irrelevant?

I guess it’s not that surprising.I don’t think it’s an especially important story.I mean, we know a lot about what’s happening on the field and we know what the players are saying, but there’s nothing new about that.If you go back to the last time we went to the ALCS, when the Pittsburgh Pirates won […]

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