4 4.10 The Last Orchestras Tour The Last concerts are in full swing.

The Last orchestra has announced that the world will be seeing the return of James McWilliams’ last concert in a new and spectacular way, as he plays the opening evening of the Tour de France in France.

The last concert will be at the Stade de France stadium on Monday evening, as McWilliams heads to France to play in the annual World Tour.

The announcement of this concert, which will be the first of two concerts that McWilliams will play in France, was made last week.

The final concert will take place on Thursday night, when McWilliams plays the World Tour final show at the Paris Saint-Germain stadium.

The show will also feature an all-star line-up of musicians, including John Williams, Steve Martin, Tom Jones, Tom Holohan and John Cale.

Tickets for the concert are available on Ticketmaster and are priced at €59.50.

Last concert: Sunday March 29, 2018. Tickets: €59 and up.