When the East and West meet in the desert

Posted January 05, 2019 06:15:54The first time I heard the Cleveland Orchestra perform in Cleveland was in 2004, on the opening night of the opening ceremony of the 2017 Olympics.The Cleveland Orchestra, in fact, is one of the most diverse musical groups in the country, spanning from the folk to the classical to the pop-rock.And […]

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How to find the best concert halls in Melbourne

When you’re a budding concert pianist, it can be difficult to know where to start.But now there are many more options in Melbourne for aspiring composers to discover.The National Symphony Orchestra is one of them.“It’s pretty easy to get started, because you can get started at a local music venue, a music academy or an […]

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Why the west is ‘a dying art’

West Hollywood, California — When it comes to the art of performing, the city is no different than any other.There’s nothing more artful than the performance of music.It is a dying art, one that is in desperate need of preservation.In a city with more than 1 million residents, that is the story of the West […]

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