NEW YORK — The New York Philharmonics Orchestra will be awarded a $3 million grant from the National Orchestral Institute to create an additional 200 symphony pieces in collaboration with a partner orchestra in New York.

The symphony, which will be led by conductor William Bernstein and orchestra director Mark Zabriskie, will include music by several of the orchestra’s top artists including John Williams, John Cage, Stephen Sondheim, Philip Glass and others.

The New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, which is led by violinist Lisa Miller and conductor Bill Steeger, will also receive $3m to create 200 symphonies, with the hope of having them performed at more venues in the future.

The NIO announced the grant Thursday, in part to promote the work of its new Philharmonia symphony program.

The orchestra’s annual funding is based on the number of symphonic pieces that are performed by a given institution annually and includes funds for the development of new programs and for the hiring of new staff, the orchestra said in a news release.

In total, the New York Symphony Orchestra is currently awarded $7.5m in total funding each year.

The Nio is a nonprofit organization established in 1984 to promote and advance the arts in America.

It also manages the American Conservatory of Music and other symphony orchestras around the country.

More than 1,400 organizations and organizations in the United States are involved in the orchestra, which also includes the New Jersey Philharmonie, the San Francisco Symphony, the Boston Symphony, and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.