New York Times reporter Michael Grynbaum reports on the New York Philharmonic and Sydney Symphony Orchestra, both of which are expanding into the New Year.

1 / 14 Michael Grysbaum New York Post reporter Michael Grncy writes about the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra joining the Metropolitan Opera, New York’s Metropolitan Opera House, and the St. Petersburg Opera House.

2 / 14 AP A new symphony is being formed in the US with two New York symphonies and one in Atlanta, a new symphonic group announced Thursday.

The New York-based group, the New Manhattan Symphony, announced the formation of the New New Manhattan Orchestra in a statement.

The group, which will begin performances on January 11, will consist of the classical repertoire from New York and New Jersey and will perform in more than 30 venues around the United States.

The orchestra, which is the largest symphony in the United Kingdom, will be headed by the composer Richard Strauss.

The Metropolitan Opera announced earlier this month that it would expand its New York City-based orchestra to include a symphony from New Jersey.

Strauss is the conductor of the orchestra.

Strauss, a French-born composer, also plays the role of composer-in-residence for the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

New York, New Jersey, and Philadelphia are the four most-populous US metropolitan areas.

Strauss also has the role in New York of composer and director of the National Symphony.

Strauss and his orchestra have won more than 70 prestigious awards, including the Grammy Award, for their work in orchestral music.

The symphony, which Strauss will lead, is scheduled to perform in New Orleans on January 15.

The city and its environs are one of the biggest venues for symphony music in the country, and Strauss has said that the music of the symphony should have its own place in the city.

“It’s like a New York orchestra in a city like New Orleans,” Strauss said in 2015.

“The New York Symphony should be there.”

New York is the home of two major symphonias, New Manhattan and the New London, New England, based on the works of Strauss and other composers.

The latter was founded in 1888 by the late John Adams, who died in 1972.

The three-time Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Daily News wrote about the group’s formation in an article titled “A New Manhattan,” in which it noted the orchestra’s composition of the world-famous opera, The Nutcracker, and praised its artistic diversity.

“With the introduction of the new orchestra and the addition of the other major New York orchestras, the city will soon be a world-class place to live and work,” the article read.

“We hope to continue our remarkable success for many more years to come.”

The Metropolitan, which also will perform the orchestra, has been the subject of criticism for the past few years, for its financial practices.

The Met also has had a tumultuous history.

In January, a New Jersey state board voted to cut the Metropolitan’s operating budget, which the Met argued was not sustainable.

The board said it did not have the authority to make the cuts and called for the board to consider other alternatives to the Met.

A New Jersey lawsuit seeking to recover damages from the Met has been ongoing for several years.

The lawsuit, filed in February 2016, accuses the Met of “a pattern of deceit and deceitfulness” that includes an “unlawful interference with state funds, misappropriation of funds, and breach of fiduciary duty.”

A New York state judge dismissed the lawsuit in October 2016.

Strauss said the lawsuit was “a desperate attempt to intimidate and blackmail” him, and he added that he has received threats in the past, including one threatening to “kill” him.

The Metro has said it has no plans to terminate the orchestra in the coming year.

The decision to expand into the new year was made by the New City Symphony, which was founded by two New Yorkers: Richard Grynberg and John Schmitz.

The two met while working as orchestra members at the Metropolitan, where they were both hired by the Met in 1988.

“As musicians and as friends we were always in touch and on the same page,” Schmit, who is the current president of the Metro, told The Associated Press in December 2016.

“I had always hoped that I would continue to work with John and Richard, who were both extremely talented musicians, in the future.”

A statement from the New Met said in part, “We’re thrilled to be able to work together in a new era of renewal, celebrating our New Year with an orchestra that is based on a world renowned opera, as well as a symphony that will give us an opportunity to explore new artistic avenues and collaborate with new composers, including our very own Richard Strauss.”

Strauss, who had previously played the role