The Animal Liberation Orchestra, an experimental music video from the group, was released today on YouTube and has been viewed more than one billion times since it was uploaded to the platform in April.

The video, which features the voices of a number of celebrities including Miley Cyrus, Julia Roberts, Ariana Grande, and Kate Upton, uses the band’s own music, including a number from its self-titled album, to tell the story of animals’ suffering in the animal-friendly world of the entertainment industry.

“In the entertainment world, you hear about animal rights all the time, but it’s never been this powerful,” Animals co-founder and executive director Sam Harris told Newsweek.

“This is a powerful video because it’s a voice from animals that speaks for the animals.”

The video is also a fitting way to kick off the Animal Liberation Conference, which takes place July 9-12 at the University of Southern California.

The Animals have already released their debut album, Animal Liberation, which has garnered more than 15 million views and has sparked a major pop culture movement in which celebrities like Miley and Kate have taken to social media to express their support for the group.

In the video, Harris plays with a dog named Piggy, who is being trained by Harris to do tricks like walking, climbing, and jumping on a tree.

In the process, Piggy becomes friends with the singer and plays with his other canine friends, too.

The animal-rights movement is often depicted as a male-dominated and male-driven phenomenon, but Harris said he was inspired by the way that many people are using social media and the Internet to reach out to each other.

“The reason we’ve made this video is because we were in the moment,” Harris said.

“We’re in a moment where the power of our voice is not only visible to the world, but also to ourselves.”