A new musical comedy from the New York City Philharmonic, ‘Manchestroon’, starring John Legend, will be touring theatres on May 16.

The theatre version of the story tells the tale of a young boy named Manchestro and his brother, who travel to London and play the London Philharmonia.

Legend will perform the story’s famous opening line, “When we first met, he was a mere boy.”

Manchestroke, the younger of the two brothers, is not the most charming child.

His older brother is more reserved and reserved in his approach to life.

Manchestruck, on the other hand, is a curious, talented child.

He wants to play the piano and plays in a band.

The two brothers fall in love with each other and decide to take the Philharmonie and start their own band.

They are both talented musicians, but they are different.

Legend, who was born in London and raised in New York, was raised by his grandmother in New Jersey.

He had to learn piano in New Orleans, and his mother played piano in the New Orleans Philharmony.

Legend is a fan of jazz music, and he began playing jazz guitar when he was in his teens.

He has performed as a jazz musician in New Haven, Connecticut.

He was a member of the New Jersey Philharmonies, which played jazz and blues.

Legend said that Manche strokes in front of a group of musicians in front to see if he is singing well.

“If he is, he’s in good shape,” Legend said.

“He’s very relaxed, very energetic, very quick, and can make a good swing.

He’s always singing a song, and you can see he’s singing it really well.

He can also do a lot of harmonies.

It’s really cool to see him do that.

I think it makes you appreciate how talented he is.”

The film, which was shot in New Zealand, will tour with New York Philharmonics and the Royal Philharmons.

It will also be released in North America.

The film will open in theatls around the world May 16, with more dates to be announced.

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