Jazz is “the best method to explore the art of music”, the pianist, composer and guitarist John Wilsey has said.

Wilsey, who performed at the Jazz at Lincoln Center in the US for four years before retiring in 2019, told the Associated Press he wanted to use jazz to understand what it means to live life.

“I’m fascinated by the music we make.

I love it,” he said.

“I love the way that we express ourselves through music.”

When you hear a jazz piece, you are transported into a different world.

“You get to understand that there is a place for every person and every style of music.

There’s a lot of joy in it.”

Wilsey said he believed jazz could help us understand ourselves better.

“It’s so important to understand ourselves and to be able to have a conversation about who we are and what we can achieve,” he added.

Willey has said that jazz is “a form of expression that allows us to express ourselves and have the conversation about ourselves”.

In a letter published on his website, Wilsey said: “As musicians we all have to ask ourselves: what’s the purpose of our lives?”

“If we think about the purpose for life, it becomes clear that we are a part of an amazing, interwoven world of people, places, and things, all made of different materials, all of which we’re constantly reshaping and reshaping.”

This is the most beautiful part of life.

We are all part of this.

“Willey, who was a jazz musician for 30 years, said the music he played was “the only thing that really made me feel alive and alive, the only thing I could relate to”.”

The music I was playing was the only place I could feel truly alive, because it was not my life.””

It made me understand that this is my world.

It was the same world I was living in and that I could live in.

“Wilson has a string of jazz awards and has won the Grammy for best jazz album, best jazz performance and best jazz soloist.

Wilson performed at Jazz at the Lincoln Center and is currently playing the Philharmonic Orchestra in the Washington, DC, area.