I just started learning to play piano in March, and I’ve yet to see anyone play the concerto.

But I’m trying to.

I recently found a thread on Reddit where a member of the orchestra section at the New York Philharmonic posted how he was struggling to play a symphony piece.

“The song has an interesting harmonic structure that I’m not quite sure how to connect to,” he wrote.

“I’m trying.

I’ve only played it twice, and the second time, I can’t even play it.”

When I asked him why, he replied, “because it’s not in my repertoire.”

I couldn’t agree more.

It turns out that, for most musicians, the only way to play this piece is to play it through a keyboard.

So how can you practice this, without an instrument?

Well, that’s where the symphonic section comes in.

Here’s how it works: Each of the sections is assigned a particular piano, usually an F-major or D-major, which allows the players to play each instrument separately.

In the case of the New World Symphony, the piano is a B-flat major and the players are working in G minor.

Each player is assigned one to two strings, one on each side of the keyboard.

To get to a good pitch, the players must first practice the strings and the bass.

If they succeed, the rest of the piece can be played as a trio or pentatonic (which is a variation of an octave down).

In case you’re wondering, that would be a little more complicated than just starting from a note and then playing the notes on a piano.

The best part?

The symphonies aren’t technically a single piece, and each section can be repeated several times without any problems.

All this practice is all done in a virtual piano, which is what makes it easier to play than a real piano. 

“It feels more like practicing on a real instrument,” a member in the orchestra told me.

“You’re not trying to play notes.”

What I want to do, he said, is get a better understanding of the instrument, and to find out what the sounds are like.

For now, I’m just trying to pick up a little bit of the piano and practice with it, but I know that this is what’s needed to play these songs.

What do you think of this new tool?

Let us know in the comments.