When it comes to audio recording, there are plenty of ways to get creative with your drones.

One of the most popular is by recording live events.

This can be done through apps like Ableton Live or DJI’s DJI Drone App, and it’s also a way to record and share sound with a wide array of people.

We’ve been using the Drone app for a few years now and, in the past, have been using it for live concerts.

While it doesn’t offer the same functionality as recording with a drone, it does come with some amazing features.

Here’s how to use the app for live performances.1.

Choose your venue to record from1.

If you’re using a DJI drone, choose your venue from the menu bar on the left.2.

Choose the recording mode: You can record up to 24 hours or a single performance.3.

Select the time and duration: 1-4 hours is ideal for short, quick performances, and 5-10 hours is great for longer events.5.

Choose which sound you want to record: All sounds can be recorded, including ambient, synth, and vocal sounds.6.

Choose where you want the recording to go: You’ll need to choose a specific location to record.

For example, if you want a sound to go into a DJ booth, then you’ll need a specific room.7.

You can also add music to your recordings: You have a lot of options here: Record any sound you like and then create an album.

You’ll also be able to change the mix in the future.8.

The drone app can automatically capture the sound: You don’t need to do anything special to start recording.

Just set up your device, select a recording time, and let the drone record.9.

You have the ability to upload your recordings to the Drone Music website: The drone music app can also upload your sound to its website.

The app also supports the Dropbox option.10.

When you’re ready to play back the recordings, you’ll be able find your favorite tracks on the DroneMusic site.