We know how much fun it is to sit on the stage and watch our favorite musicians play.

But is it really dumb to be bored out of your mind?

The Dallas Symphony orchestra has released a video to educate its fans and explain why they’re so into their music.

The video opens with a montage of famous music from the past, such as Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony and Mozart’s 1817 Symphony No. 4, but the video ends with a question posed by the camera.

Is this really the right thing to do?

“Are you bored out your mind?” the camera asks the audience.

“No, it’s just a stupid question,” responds a member of the audience who has the same answer.

“This is the only question I have to ask,” the member of audience replies.

“And I know you guys love the symphony.”

The members of the public who answered that question, who included many who have been in the orchestra for years, gave an enthusiastic thumbs up to the answer.

The answer?

Yeah, it really is dumb.

The Dallas Opera is the largest orchestra in the country and has been performing at the National Opera in New York for more than 100 years.

It’s not the first time the Dallas Opera has been on the defensive.

Last year, the company released a statement saying it had “not changed our tune” on “the notion that there is no audience for our symphony,” and it also said it was “not willing to change the tone or the aesthetic that we have chosen.”

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