When the Disney Orchestral Institute announced a new project called Animal Liberation Orchestra, a project aimed at helping animals in need, I thought to myself, wow, that’s kind of a cool name.

But then I thought about the orchestra itself.

I mean, this is the orchestra that’s been a part of a lot of the work in the Animal Liberation movement.

In fact, the Animal Rights Orchestra is named after an animal rights organization that is very much involved in the work.

So, I think it’s cool that we have this animal-related project, but the fact that it’s an orchestroler was kind of like, wow.

You know, why do they want to name it?

What’s their rationale for naming it this way?

But then, when I read the program description, I was like, that sounds like a really, really, cool name for a kind of an orchestaion, isn’t it?

So, that led me to go and read some of the programs.

And it turns out that they’re really not all that different.

And the orchestrals that they’ve put together are all really great, so it doesn’t feel like a completely different project.

But the one thing that really stood out to me, is that there was no mention of an orchestra at all.

So the only time I could find that the orchestra had ever been part of any sort of public agenda was in a presentation at the Animal Freedom Institute, a group that is actually very heavily involved in animal rights advocacy, and they had done an entire series of videos that really focused on the history of animal exploitation.

So that really raised my eyebrows a little bit.

But, of course, there were no mentions of an animal orchestra in their program.

So what exactly is the Animal Protection Orchestra?

And what kind of message does it want to convey to audiences?

Well, the orchestra is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and they’re a part-time non-governmental organization.

They’ve been operating for more than 15 years, so they have a pretty good track record of putting out good music and a really good education for the people who are involved.

So I thought that that was kind, the best indication that the animal rights movement has a lot to do with the orchestra.

But I also thought that it was important that they had a clear agenda to put out to the public.

So to get that out there, I started a little search for information about the organization, and found that they don’t actually have any information on their website.

And so, it was a little frustrating that they weren’t showing any sort and everything about what they do.

But that’s okay, because I thought, wow!

That’s a really interesting thing to look into.

So then I was kind-of intrigued by a little piece that they put out last week.

And, yeah, it did not make any mention of any orchestra.

And that’s when I realized that it didn’t really make any sense.

And I think that’s what really caught my attention because, in fact, this video is about an orchestra that was actually really a part part of the Animal Welfare movement.

And there are actually a few things in there that are really interesting, like the fact they’ve been involved with animal liberation from the very beginning.

And then there’s this whole series of video presentations that they do, and you see them getting up on stage, singing the American Pie song, and doing animal-themed dance routines and everything.

And in fact there are also some really good performances that they did during the early days of Animal Liberation.

So all of those things, to me and to a lot, a lot more, really suggested to me that they were really working on something really interesting and that they really care about animal rights, and that was really, kind of exciting.

So we’re going to take a look at some of their videos and we’re gonna do a bit of research and hopefully learn a little more about them and how they’re working on the issue of animal rights.

So first, we’re taking a look, so to speak, at the videos that they are promoting.

So in the first one, they’ve got the famous Animal Liberation music video from Animal Liberation by The Beatles.

And they’ve used that to say, you know, this isn’t a typical animal rights music video.

This is really a celebration of the music and the people involved, and a celebration that really speaks to what Animal Liberation is all about.

And of course they’ve also put together a video for a song that they wrote that actually features animal rights activist and animal rights advocate Linda Sarsour.

And we have to say that it really was a really cool song that Linda Sings the Animals.

And what’s really nice about Linda Saks, in my mind, is not only that she sings it herself, she’s a real person