A star-studded musical will get the next-generation musical treatment in the latest installment of “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” with an opera in the making that will star the likes of Amy Poehler, Michaela Watkins, Adam Driver and more.

The opera, which will debut in September at the Royal Opera House in London, will be performed by the London Philharmonic Orchestra, which also includes the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Royal Ballet, and will feature a range of guests including David Bowie, David Bowie II, Paul McCartney, and more, as well as “StarWars” characters.

The new music video will be produced by David Walliams, who will also be producing the music for “Star Trek Into Darkness,” the new Star Wars film slated for release in 2019.

Walliamse will be directing the music video.

“I wanted to bring something new to the genre of opera, so this was a dream come true to work with David Wallliams,” said Amy Poehlman, executive producer of “The Star Wars Saga.”

“The musical features characters that have become iconic in their own right and it brings together a world that was built on such an epic scale that we all know from the ‘Star Trek’ universe,” she added.

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to bring this opera to audiences worldwide and hope that we can create something that will truly celebrate Star Wars, our amazing culture and our love for music.”

The musical will feature music by composer, orchestrator, arranger, conductor, and lyricist Jonathan Davis.

“This is a truly exciting project for the London Symphony, which is delighted to work in conjunction with David to bring an exciting musical experience to audiences around the world,” said London Symphony general director Andrew Young.

“The musical reflects the extraordinary creative collaboration between Jonathan and the London Opera, with the Londoners producing an operatic version of ‘The Return of the Jedi’ and ‘Return of the Palpatine.'”