The National Symphony Orchestra (NSO) has issued a warning for people looking to listen at its music at home, as it warns that they could put themselves at risk by doing so.

“We’re not talking about an orchestra but an orchestra with no supervision whatsoever.

It’s not a company or an individual, it’s an institution. “

The NSO is an orchestra and we are responsible for our own performance and our own work.

It’s not a company or an individual, it’s an institution.

We’re not like a factory, we’re not a production house, it has no control over how it works.”

The NSOs orchestra is based in the United Kingdom.

In a statement, the NSO said it had no control and no authority over the sound quality of the instruments used in its performances.

“The NSOs management are aware that this issue is currently being addressed and will be contacting all its members and their representatives as soon as possible,” it said.

The NSOB said it is currently seeking additional guidance on the issue from the British government and from the Royal Society of Music.

It added that it had been made aware of an incident in June 2016, where a male member of the NSOs team was injured during a rehearsal for a symphony, but that the matter had been referred to the UK National Audit Office.

The National Symphony orchestra has been running its annual Christmas concert in London since 2012.

The British government has called for a ban on the use of drones for aerial filming in the UK, in an attempt to prevent a rise in drone-related accidents.