The best music in India is made in concert and orchestra is no exception.

For this, it’s necessary to have a good orchestra and the right facilities to conduct your concerts.

A concert hall is the perfect place to host an orchestra.

In India, a concert hall typically consists of four floors and a large auditorium, but the number of seats in an auditorium can vary from one to five or six depending on the quality of the seats, the seating arrangement, the type of music being performed and the size of the audience.

A typical orchestra concert in India can consist of one hour and 30 minutes of music per performance.

A classical concert can last longer, with performances lasting for an hour and 45 minutes.

An orchestra concert can be held in any room in a large apartment building and can include the audience in a private dining room, which has a small private balcony for entertainment.

The seating arrangement can be very different depending on whether it is for a solo or double orchestra performance.

For an orchestra concert, you may have to move the seating to the other side of the stage.

For a classical concert, it is advisable to have more than three seats for the orchestra, and you can have up to four seats in each orchestra.

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