BERKELEY, B.C. — When the Spitfire was first unveiled at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival, it was hailed as the world’s first “musical opera,” and now it’s becoming a reality for the CBC.

The B.F.C.-based CBC has tapped the Spitfires composer, conductor and conductor of the Toronto Symphony Orchestra to play a series of five-week concerts across Canada and the United States.

Each concert will be broadcast live on CBC Radio One in Canada, the CBC Radio Network in Canada and in the United Kingdom, as well as the CBC and CBC TV.

The concert series follows a theme from the CBC’s recent hit series “The Sound of Music” and features the Spitfighters’ own conductor and composer, John Hoey.

The CBC will also be offering a live stream of the concerts, which are set to take place on

The Spitfires, a Canadian-born ensemble, are the first Canadian orchestra to perform operatic works on television.

The CBC announced the dates for the concerts on Thursday, as the broadcaster began to open up its schedule for the season.

On June 6, the Spitfired will play the CBC Symphony Orchestra’s final concert in Canada.

They will then be performing in the Toronto Public Theatre.

On June 9, they will perform in the CBC Music Hall at the University of Toronto.

On July 5, they play the Toronto Philharmonic’s final show in Canada in a series featuring a solo by the legendary violinist Richard Strauss.

On July 12, the B.E.C.’s second-highest-ranking female opera singer, Mary Meehan, will join the Spitfishes for their performance of the symphony in the University Theatre in the U.K. On Wednesday, July 16, the Canadian-based British-trained B.O.S.C., a group of five singers from across the country, will play a solo concert in New York City.

On August 10, the second-most popular British opera singer of all time, Yaelle Maclean, will perform her final performance in Canada on CBC’s “The Talk.”

The Spitfire’s debut concert series, “The Spitfades” will begin on June 18 at the CBC Theatre in Toronto, and will continue on June 19 in London.

The next concert will take place at the National Theatre in Montreal on July 11.

In the coming weeks, the group will perform a number of live shows and concerts throughout the United State.

In the U of T, the next concert series will be held at the Bell Centre on August 20 and 21, with performances beginning on August 22 in Toronto.

The performances will take up three of the six months between the two events, with more concerts scheduled throughout the year.