The Sydney Symphony’s new young director of music, Peter Nesbitt, has been chosen to take the helm of the orchestra’s new Australian tour.

The orchestra will return to Australia for the first time since March, when it returned to the US for the second time to play the first leg of its second-longest-running tour.

Aussie composer and pianist, Nesbsi has been with the Sydney Opera House since 2013 and has a reputation for delivering high-quality music that audiences enjoy.

He has previously been instrumental in helping the Sydney Symphonic Orchestra win a Grammy award in 2014 for its latest album The Symphony at the End of the Universe.

Nesbetts team will include new conductor and music director and Australian Academy of Performing Arts member Peter McNeill.

It will mark the first Australian tour for the Sydney symphony since it began operations in 2000, when the Sydney orchestra played two world premieres, the Philharmonia Concertos in Istanbul and the New York Philharmonic in the city.

The Sydney symphonic orchestra has been on a two-year European tour, the first of which, which ran from February to May this year, was played in Berlin, Spain, where it won the European Philharmonie award.

The Symphony at The End of The Universe is due to be released on July 27, 2019.

The Australian Opera House, Sydney’s oldest opera house, was awarded the Philamath Prize for excellence in the performance of opera in 2016, the prestigious accolade bestowed on opera houses in the world.

The Philamoth Award is given annually to a leading opera house for excellence.

The Sydney Symphony has been awarded two Philamaths in recent years.

In 2016, it was awarded by the Academy of Music Australia (AMPAA) and the Sydney Academy of Fine Arts (SAFE) for excellence, which also includes outstanding music and artistic direction.