It’s not that you need to be an expert, or even know any music.

But you need some kind of education to be hired.

And with a big orchestra in the city, you need a place to rehearse.

Sydney Opera House, where the Sydney Philharmonic is based, has been looking for a new orchestra to take over the Sydney Opera in 2020.

So the Sydney Symphonic has been invited to the new site.

The Sydney Symphony has already played a gig at the Sydney Museum of Modern Art last month.

This week, the orchestra announced that it was also looking for an orchestra for its next performance in the Sydney Theatre in 2020, as well as a concert for a community group in Sydney’s north-east.

But the orchestra’s search for a place in the world’s most-visited city has been quite a challenge.

‘It’s been an absolute nightmare’ “I’ve got to say it’s been a real nightmare, just the sheer logistics of it,” said David Rizzuto, the composer behind the London Symphony Orchestra.

“The city itself is so far away, so you’ve got no idea where you’re going to find your orchestra and your sound engineer.”

I don’t know why they’ve done this, I don’t understand it, I think it’s a bit sad really.

“We’re not the biggest, or best, orchestra in Europe, but it’s got that great international pedigree.

If we’re ever going to have a place here, it has to be somewhere that can support us and give us the resources to do our work.”

And with no orchestra yet to be confirmed, the Sydney symphony has been trying to work with the London Orchestra to find a new home.

London’s orchestra has been given permission to play its next concert in 2019, but has not yet been confirmed for 2020.

At this stage, Rizzuti said the orchestra was looking for anywhere from three to five years of work to get to Sydney.

A decision on whether to take part in the 2020 concert is still expected in early 2021.

With a new, much bigger and more expensive venue, the symphony will need to find somewhere new.

And there’s still a lot of work left to be done.

There is still a waiting list of orchestra members.

For now, Rizuto is just glad he’s got an opportunity to work on his work in his native country.

It’s good to have this opportunity, he said.

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