In an era where most of us can barely remember the name of our favorite band, a group called Darkstar orchestrator is taking it to a whole new level with a collection of orchestral excerpts that span from their most popular songs, to lesser-known recordings.

This is the orchestra’s fourth album and the first to be recorded entirely from the perspective of a new vocalist.

“We’re recording our vocals live and recording the entire orchestra in real time,” said Josh Pascalis, the band’s vocalist and lead singer, who is also the lead guitarist.

“It’s a bit like recording an orchestra with an actual orchestra.”

In the process, the result is an album that sounds a lot like the original, but without the same band.

“When you play a symphony or symphonic orchestra, you’re really just going through a process of creating new parts of the orchestra,” Pascals said.

“And it’s really hard to capture that emotion without the musicians singing.

So it’s like having a little symphony orchestra.”

Darkstar’s latest release, “Darkstar,” was released earlier this month.

While the album is technically titled Darkstar, Pascales said he decided to call it Darkstar as a nod to the band.

But the title of the album and song itself was a lot more complex.

“I didn’t know what it was going to sound like,” Pescas said.

He said he wanted to call the album Darkstar for the title, but the band didn’t agree.

“The title was kind of a joke,” he said.

In a way, Darkstar is an extension of the band, Pesca said.

There are some similarities between Darkstar and the group’s previous albums, like the songs on “A New Day,” “I Know You’re Mine,” and “The Man Who Was Promised.”

“I think that we were all kind of trying to be that little symphonies, and we’re trying to do it live,” Piscals said, adding that the new material “is much more live-driven, and that’s where the inspiration comes from.”

Pascas said he wants to use Darkstar to explore the emotions of the music and the lyrics that accompany it.

“What we were trying to accomplish with this record is to capture something that really speaks to the emotions that the audience feels,” he explained.

“There’s a lot of really powerful emotional stuff in there.”

Darkstars album cover: A rendering of the cover artwork for the new album.

Image: Philadelpasts orchestra, orchestral excerpt,uimn,pascalis Darkstar also has a special connection to Philadelphia’s iconic Philadelpha Theatre, which Pascakis said he “never thought would happen.”

The orchestra was founded in 1976 and played at the venue since 2000.

The band was one of the first Philadelpa orchestras to perform live on television.

“All of us have a connection with the Philadelphia Theater,” Pascal said.

But while the orchestra plays in the theater, the majority of its concerts are recorded on a small studio in Philadelphia, where the music is mixed and then delivered directly to the audience.

The orchestra has also released a few live albums since the tour, but this is the first time the musicians have recorded the entire ensemble live.

“As far as the band being able to record the whole orchestra live in Philadelphia and then send that to the public, that’s something we’ve never really tried,” Pissas said, “until now.”

He said the band also wants to capture a “sense of awe and wonder” by capturing the entire symphony in real-time.

“You really get a sense of the energy of the symphony,” Piso said.

The new album also features a cover by the Phila Music Project.

“Our intention was always to be the orchestra and our cover art is a tribute to the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra,” Pisi said.

They plan to release more of the recordings in the future, including a new album of orchestration recordings.

“Darkstars” will be released on September 12 via Philadelps own label, PhiladelpasoftheTunnels.

The record will also be available for pre-order on the bands website.

Listen to Darkstar on Spotify Listen to the Darkstar album tracklist.

Darkstar: “The New Day” is available for streaming on Spotify.

Darkstars new album: “I know you’re mine.”