The band of Boston’s own Pops orchestra has been the subject of a string of controversies in recent years.

Their debut album, All Is Bright, was widely panned, and a series of videos posted online in 2016 and 2017 appeared to show members of the band, led by former guitarist Paul F. Tompkins, making homophobic and sexist comments.

After a series in which Pops members mocked a group of men in the audience for being gay, the band released an apology and released a new album, The Way You Make Me Feel, in 2017.

But the backlash from the Pops’ fans has continued, with one tweet from the band’s website this week accusing the women in the video of being liars and of being “wicked”.

Pops has since deleted the tweets, and they’ve been removed from the website.

The band also issued a statement on Friday apologizing for the video, but said that they had removed the tweets in a “very transparent” way.

“We’re very sorry that people have seen these videos, but we also believe in equality,” the band said.

“Our intention was to show that there is room in our music for all of our diverse fans.”

They added that they would donate $5,000 to the Women’s March on Washington, DC.

“Pops was not the person who posted the videos.

We are taking full responsibility for the videos, and will donate $1,000 from our pocketbooks to the Womens March on DC, which is a movement that will unite the oppressed around our country,” the statement said.

Pops will also donate $100 to the National LGBTQ Task Force.

“The world has seen this band for a long time, and we’ve been so proud to play music with them and be part of their history,” Tompkin said in a statement.

“However, the videos have become a distraction to our efforts, and in turn, hurt our fans.

We’ve been told they are liars, that they’re hateful and that they are disgusting.

We want to show everyone that we are just as upset about this video as we are about the videos themselves.”