The city of Toronto is celebrating its centennial, but one aspect of its history will never be forgotten: the singing of the city’s own orchestra.

Article Continued BelowArticle Continued BELOWThe city’s orchestra, which is part of the Crown corporation, has been performing concerts and concerts in Toronto for the past several decades.

And they have been making a big splash, drawing millions of dollars in ticket sales.

It’s all part of a new music-related initiative, called the Toronto Symphony Orchestra, or TSO, which will bring a new level of musicality to the city.

The TSO is a private group of music professionals that are charged with bringing an engaging and entertaining concert experience to the masses through the orchestra.

The orchestra is one of the oldest and most prestigious in the world.

It was formed in 1877 by a group of musicians from the Toronto City College orchestra.

The first orchestra was formed by the Canadian National Railway in 1917.

The TSO has performed at more than 70 concerts and events in Toronto and around the world, according to the orchestra’s website.

Since it was founded in 1907, the orchestra has played at some of the most prestigious festivals in the country, including the Royal Philharmonic Festival and the National Concert Orchestra.

“There’s a lot of music history in Toronto.

It’s a city where people are very passionate about their music, their history, their culture and that’s what we’re going to be trying to do in the coming years,” said TSO co-founder and chief executive officer Daniel MacDougall.

In the new musical program, TSO members are being taught to sing at a contemporary and contemporary style.

The aim is to give young people a chance to experience what it’s like to sing in a city that is home to the largest number of Canadian and international composers.

“They are not just musicians, they are composers,” said MacDougell.

The new program is a pilot project and has been in the works for about a year, but it is now officially open to the public.

The program is open to musicians of all levels and levels of experience.

In addition to the classical repertoire, the TSO also includes contemporary, folk and jazz.

“It’s a new approach to performing that has been a long time in the making,” said co-director and TSO member Alex Hodge.

Hodge said the Tso is also developing new music that is a mix of contemporary and traditional styles.

The Toronto Symphony is not the only musical institution in Canada that has launched a new musical initiative.

In 2017, the Canadian Opera House and Royal Opera House both introduced new programs for young people to perform.

The Royal Opera also launched a program last year for children aged six to 13.

“What’s great about this is it allows the audience to go in a different direction, to see how a piece of music is presented,” said Hodge, noting that they are hoping that the program will help young people learn the piano.

“We’re trying to reach people that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to go to see a concert or see a live concert, so it can be a gateway to a life outside of music.”

The new music program will begin in June, and will include performances of works by contemporary composers, as well as the likes of Frank Zappa, Leonard Cohen and others.