FINAL FANTASY XIV’s composer, Yoshinori Kitase, has released a video on his official Twitter account explaining his involvement with the upcoming FINAL FANTASY: The Spirits Within expansion.

In the video, he shows off a video of his composition for the new expansion, and then introduces the new orchestravaganza he’s composed.

He explains that this new orchestra will “make FINAL FANTASY a new kind of orchestra, a symphony that is not only beautiful but is also magical.”

Kitase has been working on the orchestra for several months, and has been composing since he was 12 years old.

He first made his name with the original Final Fantasy VI, and went on to compose the theme for Final Fantasy VII.

Kitase is a composer whose career spans two decades, including a stint with the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, a long time collaborator with the Royal Philharmonia, and an extended period of composing with the Los Angeles Philharmonics.

As a composer, he has a knack for finding the perfect instruments for a new project.

For example, Kitase’s work on the Final Fantasy IV soundtrack has garnered him some attention for its beautiful orchestration, but also for its dark, brooding score.

He’s also written orchestrations for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and for the Nintendo DS, which he’s currently composing for the upcoming Final Fantasy XV.

For his part, Kitases music is composed in the style of Japanese music, which has a similar feel to the orchestria he composed for Final, but with a more mature and mature tone.

This new orchestra is the first of many for Final FANTASY XIV, and is designed to help Final Fantasy XIV’s developers create more memorable worlds.

Kitases orchestramas were previously used in a different game, the Final Frontier, but he decided to make them part of this expansion’s orchestra, as they were used in an earlier Final Fantasy game.

As an orchestra, Kitased’s compositions are highly detailed, and he’s also been able to use the instruments in other games as well.

Final Fantasy XIII, for example, had an orchestra in the form of a symphonic orchestra, and in that game, Kitas compositions were used to create the orchestration of a space station.

Final Frontier was also the first Final Fantasy to have a live orchestra, which also included an orchestra composed by Kitase.

It’s clear that Kitase wants to give his orchestarras the same attention to detail that his works have received, and will do everything he can to create a world that is as well-crafted as his previous work.

Final Destination X is the latest installment in the Final Fantasies expansive series, and was first released in 1993.

It also featured a playable orchestrahm, a concept that is very similar to Kitases.