A Christmas album, with a Christmas feel to it, has been released by the Times, which is owned by CBS.

The album is titled “The Animals Are Free,” and features performances from the orchestra of Salsoul Orchestra, Salsol, and the Orchard Park Zoo.

The band is one of several notable performers featured in the album, which was recorded and mixed at the New School in New York City.

Salsouls conductor Joe Bauza, who is also a member of the orchestra, recorded the album for the Times in 2014, and performed it for NPR’s “The Code” in January.

A similar album, called “A Christmas Album by the Orphans of the Earth,” was released in 2013.

“The Orphans” also features performances by the Orchestra of the Metropolitan Opera and the New Orleans Symphony Orchestra.

It will be released on Christmas Eve, and will be available at all outlets, including iTunes and Amazon.com.