How to build your own Pit Orchestra

4FourTwo is a new podcast that aims to help you learn and practice with music instruments.It’s all about learning how to play the instruments that have been around for centuries and then building on that knowledge to make your own.We talked to Richard Branson to learn more about the world’s first pit orchestra and how […]

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Why do the Boston Orchestra sing?

The Boston Symphony Orchestra performs live every Saturday night, and the orchestra has recently found itself under fire for performing a song that some say depicts slavery.On Wednesday, the orchestra posted a video that features the iconic song “Sons of the Black Hills,” which the orchestra is known for, and which was originally sung by […]

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How ‘American Idol’ star Ariana Grande performs with the National Iranian Orchestra

Posted September 07, 2018 07:03:23The National Iranian Symphony Orchestra performed “Tikshik”, an original composition by the Iranian composer M.F. Safavi, for orchestra and orchestra instruments at the National Opera House on Monday, Sept. 7.Grande’s song, “Tekshik,” which was performed on “American Idol” in 2013, had been written by Safavi.She said that the performance was a […]

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